Feel Good Google Chrome Apps and Extensions – The Top 10

10 Top Feel Good Google Chrome Apps and Extensions for the New Year

You will find hundreds of guides that will give you the top 10 productivity Chrome apps and extensions. There are none on something like ‘Feel Good Google Chrome apps and extensions’. This post is to have a list of apps or extensions for Google Chrome that helps you feel better.

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Some of the websites/apps below may have a more feature filled paid version. I will mention them as I go along.

  1. Wonder Choosekind
    Imagine checking out your Facebook page and there’s a lot of people abusing others, calling names and making the web a miserable place to be.
    You can change that. This is probably the most effective feel good Chrome extension that’s there on the store.

    wonder choosekind feel good google chrome apps
    Feel good Google Chrome App – Wonder Choosekind

    Install ‘Wonder Choosekind’ and you will be able to replace all those angry posts with something much nicer. Check out these screenshot for reference.

    BONUS NOTE: There’s a movie by the same name as well. Might as well check it out.
  2. Tabby Cat
    How about you have a cat that pops up every time you open a new tab? It is not very useful, I agree. But that does not reduce the adorableness of the extension one bit.There are five different options for the cats and you can interact with them to some extent.

    tabby cat feel good google chrome apps
    Tabby cat
  3. Momentum
    This is perhaps the most functional of all the apps that are there in the list. It is not only one of several feel good Google Chrome apps, but comes with a weather and a to-do widget by default. However, you can subscribe to a paid version and add support for other widgets as well.

    momentum feel good google chrome apps
    Feel good Google Chrome apps – Momentum

    Check out their paid version here.

  4. Sideplayer
    You can play and watch YouTube videos when you are doing something else. Imagine a floating tab of YouTube that plays what you want but without the Window borders of the Google Chrome application. It looks neat and continues to play even when you switch to a different tab.

    sideplayer feel good google chrome apps
  1. Earth Viewer
    We live on a beautiful planet. Change your new tab window to one with stunning pictures of the Earth – all taken by Google Earth. You can share the images you take on Facebook, google plus and Twitter. You can also download the image as your wallpaper. This is one of my most favorite feel good Google Chrome apps that I had. You can save a number of them and set them as slideshows for your desktop as well. earthviewer feel good google chrome apps
  1. GoodNews
    Ok. This one is controversial. But the settings are there for you to tinker with. It’s your choice if you want to go ahead with this. Here’s what it does. I will let the screenshots do the talking.
    Not sure if it counts as a feel good Google Chrome app, but it sure as hell is fun. Of course, you can change ‘Trump’ to anything you want.
  1. Happy Friday
    I am thankful that I don’t suffer from the dreaded Monday blues. But we still can appreciate a funny adventure game that lets you kill some time.
    happy friday feel good google chrome apps.jpg
  1. Bliss
    bliss feel good google chrome apps.This almost does nothing. But often that is what we need to do. Nothing.On a more serious note, it reinforces positive thinking by making you engage in effective exercises that increase happiness. It works as a gratitude journal where you make each entry to either be grateful, find inspiration or/and build self-confidence. Having tried this simple app for some time I can vouch for its efficacy.It is not perfect. I would have preferred a page with more interaction. But this works okay as well.
  1. Wikiwand – Wikipedia modernized
    Wikipedia looks pretty much the same it looked about a decade back. You can change that with the help of custom CSS stylesheets using something like this. Or, you can directly use this extension to get the work done. Just check out some of the screenshots here. Make Wikipedia great again!
    The most beautiful bookmark manager I have ever used. This is not just one of the most beautiful feel good Google Chrome extensions, it vastly improves upon the default Google Chrome bookmark manager. You get to sync the bookmarks with all your devices. It also comes with a paid plan. The free plan should be fine for the web feel good google chrome apps.jpg
  1. Bonus: 9gag
    We know 9gag well enough. This does not need any explanation. Some reddit fanboys may be justified in their criticism of plagiarism – but 9gag is fun. Get the extension for some quick giggles. Best part is that you don’t have to open the horrible site. It opens in a small panel.
    9gag feel good google chrome apps

These apps or extensions should be able to put a smile on your face (if the New Year does not).

Then there’s good music to lift your spirits this winter. Have a great time. Best wishes. 🙂


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