Boost Page Rank And Stay Ahead Of Others

How to Boost Page Rank And Stay Ahead Of Others

Page Rank is an indication how your website fares in the Search results of the search engines. The higher the page rank, the better is the chance of your site to be clicked by the user. If your site has good content to hook a new reader, he will stay, otherwise he will click back and select another site. Unfortunately most net surfers are biased. Once they find a particular website has got good content, they will subscribe to it even if many other posts are crappy. The reverse is also true. So it is important to write good articles throughout. Too boost page rank of you website or blog, you can try out some of the most conventional methods that already exist.

Boost page rank. Yes, organically, it is still relevant.
Boost page rank. Yes, organically, it is still relevant.

Search Engine Optimization is the technique by which the page ranking of your website can be improved. Some of the conventional methods to improve your page rank is already discussed. So I will focus on the more unconventional methods to boost page rank without resorting to gray or black hat techniques.

What you can easily do to get free backlinks safely?

  • Create a simple Google Chrome theme, and share it in the Google Chrome Web Store. Mention your website in the description section or somewhere you feel is not too much of a show off.
  • Create, submit and share pictures in Flickr, deviantart etc. Don’t forget to mention your website address in full format. These sites have a lot of ranking juice. You will get a lot of help from these.
  • Create and Upload Videos on Youtube. Make sure the video is not something silly like how to cut your hair with scissors. Make it interesting, like maybe a how-to or some interesting facts, or your own music video. Anything that is fresh and new will grab attention.
  • Make yourself a banner and a logo. While creating a logo make sure it is simple and unique. If possible get it printed on your T-Shirt and gift some to your friends some time with your website address printed on it.
  • You can even take print outs and distribute/pin self made advertisement posters on notice boards, housing entrances, busy thoroughfares where people are forced to keep standing for some time(metro or bus walls are awesome). Make sure you are not violating any laws while doing so.
  • Get yourself listed in the Google Merchant and Google Places. Make a Map pin and share it as public. Even though you may sell nothing, you can at least offer to give advice(call it consultancy) to others in Google Merchant.
  • Sell off some unnecessary stuff you have accumulated over the years on eBay and in the description, in the last line, conveniently insert a link to your site.
  • Genuinely engage in discussions with other bloggers in the blogosphere. As your username you can insert your website’s name. Many comments sections allow to insert the website name in a separate section. Avail of that if available.
  • Get your friends engaged. Get them artwork, tell them to share your posts, post on Facebook.
  • Create a book out of your blog posts and publish them on Amazon. You can get some money as well as backlinks from this. This has been a popular way to boost page ranks in the past.
  • Register on community forums where you can interact with people and help them. You can try out fixya for instance.
  • Try to get some new coverage. Do some social work. You will get more ‘real’ visibility. Besides directly helping other people, you will establish a respectable position. Remember to wear your blog T-shirt for that occasion.
  • Attend tech fests. Even if you can’ t make something, visit them just to see what’s going on. Besides getting a lot of information you can also improve your site’s popularity. Just wear your blog shirt and if possible give out some freebies with your blog logo.
  • Contest the election as an independent candidate! I know this is ridiculous but it helps. You may join a political party but in this case running for an election that you would lose is an easy way to get attention. But this is recommended for those who are extremely desperate.
  • Speak. Public speaking, even speeches for free in schools and colleges are a great way to increase readership.

By Sarthak Ganguly

A programming aficionado, Sarthak spends most of his time programming or computing. He has been programming since his sixth grade. Now he has two websites in his name and is busy writing two books. Apart from programming, he likes reading books, hanging out with friends, watching movies and planning wartime strategies.

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