Why You Should Focus More On Quality Content Than SEO

Why you should focus more on quality content than SEO?

Quality Content PictureBecause in the end, it will be good for your readers. Any website or blog for that matter is read by human beings. Even if the search engine rank is high, readers will bounce out of your site after they know that your blog lacks quality content. When you see a blog sitting right on top of the Google Search stack you expect it to be most relevant piece of information. Unfortunately it is often not so. For some basic guidelines about SEO know about the basics of SEO.

Many SEO firms are hired by bloggers to increase their blog rank in the search engines without focusing enough the content available. So even though in the best cases traffic initially may increase but after some time it will go down because you will know which sites to avoid in the long run. To make people actually subscribe to you, you got to have content that is cool and interesting.

Quality content has a number of advantages. You should write for the following reasons only :-

  • Genuine interest to help others.
  • Build relationships if necessary, understand the issues of readers in the comments section and reply accordingly.
  • Engage in discussions in forums to actually help others.
  • If you wish to share a good story or something interesting and new.
  • You like to write (perhaps the most important)
  • Your primary concern is NOT to be ranked 1 in search results. (Of course that will be great though)

Your blog will reap benefits in the long run if you stick to writing good content. Some of the advantages are obvious.

  • People will subscribe to you more often. From your feeds they will be going to your blog anyway – without high search engine rankings!
  • They will discuss your blog on forums, or Facebook, or other social networking sites, thus naturally boosting your popularity.
  • People will like to do guest blogging for you, allowing you to get free content.
  • Get you not only more impressions but also clicks.
  • Reduction of Bounce rates.

In the long run if you patiently write your articles well, conforming to the SEO guidelines, you will anyway be getting up the ladder. You will not need to buy links or resort to any other black hat techniques. So happy blogging.

By Sarthak Ganguly

A programming aficionado, Sarthak spends most of his time programming or computing. He has been programming since his sixth grade. Now he has two websites in his name and is busy writing two books. Apart from programming, he likes reading books, hanging out with friends, watching movies and planning wartime strategies.

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