Install Xubuntu on Your Old Computer

Install Xubuntu on Your Old Computer

Let’s face it – Linux distros are getting more and more heavy as time goes by. That much is pretty normal. In fact Linux usually does support some neanderthal hardware even today. But the full fledged GNOME or KDE might be too much for your old horse. You can try a lighter interface for them. You can install Xubuntu if you love Ubuntu. In fact is Ubuntu and created by the same Canonical. Only major difference is that it is damn light as it runs on XFCE. If you have as little as 256 MB of physical memory, you are pretty much good to go.

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Install Xubuntu

Downloading Xubuntu

Getting Xubuntu is simple. First you need to download the Xubuntu image. Go to this link and you can either download using a torrent client, or directly download one iso image from some mirror. Just make sure you are downloading the right bit. You can go with any i386 version by default. You will know when you see it.

Creating the Xubuntu Bootable Disk

If you are using Windows and wish to install Xubuntu, you can do so by downloading this cool app –

If you are using Ubuntu, this becomes much easier. Just fire up Startup Creator and follow the steps.

Now all you need to do is boot from the USB drive and install Xubuntu. If you have come across any installation of Ubuntu on your system, this process should come as no surprise. You will be amazed to see how fast your old system has become.

What is the best part?

After you install Xubuntu, the best part you will notice is that all the software that you could run in Ubuntu is also automatically available for Xubuntu. Both use the same repositories. So you need not dump your favorite applications. Only real difference is the user interface. Even without Unity, it looks darn beautiful. Also for people who prefer to stick to the classic Ubuntu look can also install Xubuntu on their system.


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