Now Voice Commands Come to Google Docs

The voice commands have finally arrived to Google Docs. Google Docs have been around for quite some time. I find it great in every way, especially given my regular needs. This week Google made it even better. Google Docs had a speech to text feature in itself before but this time you can actually write and edit the entire document without once reaching for your keyboard. The meta commands have all been included and they worked pretty well in my first try using my crappy 4 year old laptop’s microphone. Imagine how it would otherwise perform using a dedicated microphone.

To test the feature first hand I just had Google Chrome installed. The voice commands currently only work with Google Chrome at the moment. But that should not be much of a problem if you really need some hands on experience in this cool stuff.

google docs voice commands
The voice commands worked pretty well, but for a few places

Testing Google Docs Voice Commands

I fired the Docs app and was greeted by the newly introduced feature. I selected ‘Try it’ option for the voice commands and a microphone appeared to the left of my writing workspace. It was unobtrusive and subtle. Pretty much like the microphone icon used in Google Search, if you ever use it that is. The voice commands feature was active with the red microphone icon glowing.

I started speaking using voice commands like ‘new line’, ‘new paragraph’, ‘bold’, ‘select so and so’, etc and they really worked pretty well. Except for a couple of errors I could fix in a jiffy, the experience was overall very positive. I can forgive smaller errors as I was simply using my laptop’s microphone in a hostel dorm with a lot of noise all around. Google Docs got the hint and informed promptly that the quality of the microphone was not up to the mark. Yet it delivered great results.

Over the next few weeks, it is obvious that the voice commands will see serious improvements. It can only get better with time. Even as far as language support it concerned, I was surprised to see even Hindi and Zulu figure in the list. Perhaps I should not have been so surprised.

When I first came to know about the Google Docs Voice commands, I was honestly skeptical. But the way it has been implemented has certainly impressed me. If you wish to use your voice at times to write things down, Google Docs can show you the way. This can also be particularly helpful for those with special needs.

You can get the full list of available voice commands from here – Google Commands List of 

Check the Google’s own video introducing voice commands right here as well.

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