Perfect Keywords For Your Blog Or Website

How to choose the Perfect Keywords for Your Blog or Website?

Choose the Perfect keywords
Choose the star keywords

You have got a wonderful blog (say) post and filled it with relevant content. You have written it for the human readers instead of the search engines only. You have avoided spamlinked properly and thinking about PPC. But what you need the most is the perfect keywords that would be entered by the prospective reader of your post. This topic appears deceptively simple, but actually is far from. You will have to tread with caution. Worry not, I ain’t blind 🙂

Keywords First!

Many writers including me prefer to choose target keywords before writing a blog post. Indeed that is what makes normal keywords into optimized “perfect keywords”. To some of you it may seem to be opportunistic. But let me explain.

The Birth of an Idea

Suppose you get an idea to write about those antique old cars that could travel faster than any other. An image of those old cars, say of the fifties come to your mind. Before penning down anything you check out the perfect keyword or keywords for that post. After much head banging you come up with something simple – “fastest antique cars”.

Then you conjure up a Title for the post. The Title should preferably contain the keywords in the correct order. Also try keeping them as close to the front as possible. For example “The Fastest Antique Cars of the 50s” is better for SEO than something like “Hunt for the 50s’ fastest antique cars”.

Use of Keywords

Use keywords in your post in the exact order. “The fastest of the antique cars” does NOT contain “fastest unique cars”.

Use keywords such that the density of keywords is somewhere between 2% to 4%. If the keyword density is less than 2% you will be outranked in the search engines by other blogs. If it is more than say 5%, you may be considered to be a spammy post and penalized.

No need of meta tag

Having perfect keywords in your post is one thing and having them in a meta tag is quite another. Google ignores those meta keywords tag completely. If you have them it is okay to keep them but know for sure that Google won’t give any credit to you for those. Unless of course you are a New website. In that case you may try out the news meta keywords.

I will cover how to improve your articles with the perfect keywords and also how you can avoid keyword stuffing in the next posts.

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By Sarthak Ganguly

A programming aficionado, Sarthak spends most of his time programming or computing. He has been programming since his sixth grade. Now he has two websites in his name and is busy writing two books. Apart from programming, he likes reading books, hanging out with friends, watching movies and planning wartime strategies.

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