Play With CSS Using Google Chrome

Play With CSS Using Google Chrome

Play With CSS Using Google Chrome ImageCSS or Cascading Styleesheets are wonderful ‘object’ that can clothe your website. To play with CSS all you need to do is know how to use simple one liner codes and have them do all the styling you want to. You can also have cheatsheets to get your job done quickly.

Honestly speaking there is not much of a real time live environment where you can go ahead and play with CSS any way you want to. There are great tools there that can make you see changes to CSS live but then suppose you want to change the way WordPress looks like. And that too without using any plugin or extensions or apps?

Do I need to play with CSS?

We know CSS is also great for SEO. It looks great too, with CSS3 animations are also on board now. But how about checking out pictures and manipulating them live. Of course the changes won’t be saved on the servers. It is all on the client side only but even then the fun is immense. Imagine changing the layout of sites you visit everyday to make them look funny.

But of course to play with CSS like this you need to have some knowledge about how they work. If you wish to know more about CSS tutorials I suggest you check out this website.

In Google Chrome for instance you can just right click on a webpage and click on Inspect Element. That opens up the developer window in the bottom and you get the entire site structure neatly laid out for you to explore. To your right panel you get the styles, also that you can edit. You can save them to your hard disc. If you are a web designer or eager to learn how cool CSS works, you can just visit great websites and check out their CSS codes and even implement them in your ones if you wish to.

To play with CSS however you will patience. Often you will find that things won’t work the way you expect it to. In cases you make a mistake correcting it is very easy. Besides you can always refresh the page to get you back the default style.

So if you wish to play with CSS I suggest you watch this video for a hands-on approach and get started.

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