Why Spammy Guest Blogging Is Not A Good Idea

Get to Know Why Spammy Guest Blogging is Not a Good Idea

Guest Blogging has long been a wonderful way for bloggers to write content for others,

Guest Blogging
Guest Blogging

especially more popular blogs. In this way both the popular blog and the small-time blogger are benefited. The major blog gets content for free while the author of the content gets valuable back-links for his blog. This improves his or her blog’s search ranking.

In case you wish to know about the basic SEO guide you can read this.

However now most of the guest bloggers blog not for producing quality content and drive genuine traffic to their site, but for scoring SEO points. What this means is that SEO professionals write content that are rich in keywords and suitable for search engine consumption as opposed to human one. This boosts his search engine visibility but the content is often trashy.

Google has updated its own search algorithm and has come down hard upon such sites with spammy guest blogging content. Their positions is now seriously penalized so that the quality of content remains high.

Matt Cutts has specifically said that guest blogging need not be always a no-go zone. But yes, now that it is so often abused, Google will have to go deeper and check your post. If the minimum quality standards are not met your blog will be penalized. The best solution is probably not to completely avoid guest blogging. Authentic guest blogging still has its original advantages, but quality control must be implemented by the individual blog admins before allowing guest posts from being published.

Similarly comments section should also be properly monitored. Akismet does a good job in killing email spam. Disqus also has a good spam controlling filter. Make sure you keep a captcha recognition to avoid spam bots too.

Check out this official video from Google on the topic of Guest Blogging and how it is going to affect your search results.

Google Penalizes Spammy Guest Blogging

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