Write a book to help grow your blog

Write a book to help grow your blog

There are a number of posts to improve the content of your websites and optimize the SEO. One fail proof way to gain more regular viewers and subscriptions, you will need some content that stays with them. In that case, if you write a book, it helps a lot.

Amazon KDP: write a book and publish to Kindle
Amazon KDP: write a book and publish to Kindle

There are plenty of advantages when you write a book to help grow your blog. There are questions about how to publish your book as well. But I will come to publishing part a little later. Let us cover some basics before that.

First you need to understand why a book can help.

Write a book – How can it help you?

When you write a post, it carries a reputation. Printed words still have value. Even if the words are printed in e-ink. What matters is that the credibility of a person can be reasonably established when you write a book on a particular topic. Of course, I am assuming you are not planning to write a book full of mistakes. But even if you cover basic topics and present them in a proper easy to understand manner – know for sure that it has value. The major advantages you can have as a writer when you write a book are as follows –

  1. You gain reputation – This is almost obvious. A proper book on Amazon speaks volumes about your reputation – even if it is not peer reviewed. Take extra pain to make sure that the information is error free.
  2. You can promote other books you like or posts of your blog – This is useful if you write an eBook.
  3. Give printer friendly edition to the users.

How do you publish an eBook for free/nearly free?

There are plenty of options how you can write a book and monetize it. Of course, you can give it to subscribers for free. But the smart choice here is to give them after they subscribe to your website or like you on Facebook and the like. It is not exactly forcing your readers to do something they don’t like. Your book has value. You are just giving more options to the readers. That is all. Don’t demand a ransom, but a non-obtrusive banner works just fine.

Write a book, publish and get readers to Subscribe to your content (Source:
Write a book, publish and get readers to Subscribe to your content (Source:

How do you go ahead, write a book and publish it online?

There are a number of ways to do this. Most of them are free. I will briefly cover them here. A thorough comparison of the services is beyond the scope of this post. But here are the offers that currently exist and are popular.

  1. Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing – This is the easiest and most popular of all. The process is dead simple and you get an exposure like no other. That can be an advantage and a disadvantage at the same time. But the very fact that it’s on Amazon will give customers a sense of security and satisfaction. It reeks of ‘Quality’.
  2. Lulu – This publishes your eBook, free to a number of bookstores. You are not restricted to the Amazon bookstore alone. Check out their services. Oh, and it’s free too.
  3. Bookrix – Never tried this, but they claim to offer publishing to different stores for free. Worth a check.

Regardless of the platform you choose to publish, make sure the content is up to the mark. Good luck with publishing.

By Sarthak Ganguly

A programming aficionado, Sarthak spends most of his time programming or computing. He has been programming since his sixth grade. Now he has two websites in his name and is busy writing two books. Apart from programming, he likes reading books, hanging out with friends, watching movies and planning wartime strategies.

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